Our Vehicles

Netcor Transport has fully equipped stretcher and wheelchair vehicles ADA certified. Every vehicle is properly maintained by our off-site certified mechanic and we are capable of adding fleet to accommodate volume as needed.


  • * Vehicles are available to licensed employees approved to drive for Netcor Transports. 

  • * Employees visually inspect the vehicles before and after its use. Any problems found are reported to the maintenance department.

  • * Vehicles are kept locked when not in use.

  • * All vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis and washed by staff as needed.

  • * In the event of an incident, the employee is required to complete an incident report. The incident report should be submitted to the immediate supervisor as soon as possible and all paperwork is available upon request.

Dual Wheelchair and Stretcher Vehicles:

  • * These vehicles are equipped to handle a stretcher and wheelchair transport simultaneously.

  • * These come equipped with a stretcher storage mount to provide availability for dual wheelchair transports and 3 ambulatory patients or caregivers.

- M-1 Stryker stretcher. - Stretcher anchoring system. - 2 sets of wheelchair tie downs. - 800lb rated Braun Wheelchair lift. - Spare wheelchair for client use.


Transportation requests come in directly to our dispatch center. This is where all the trips are monitored and processed. Netcor can process requests in two different ways.

  • * Via phone line by calling: 602-663-7751

  • * Via Fax to : 480-304-3447 

  • * Our dispatch system software keeps track of all past-present and future transports, vehicular assignment, employee contact information, client information, vehicle information, transport history by client or date, etc.. Netcor’s daily log is backed up every night to prevent data loss due to power or equipment outages. This secures our databases from being lost in case of system failure.

Netcor’s Scheduling Department hours are from 06:00 AM to 12:00 AM Monday to Sunday.  Last minute discharges and after hour trips are subject to availability. 

We pride ourselves in our unmatched quality of service, time and time again we continue to work towards the everyday improvement of the company and raise the industry standards for the benefit of our clients. During the past 3 years we have received multiple awards and certifications in recognition of our standards of service.

  • * Winner of the Phoenix Award issued by the United States Commerce Association for two consecutive years (2009 &2010)

  • * Certified as a Small Business Enterprise by the City of Phoenix

  • * Certified as DBE by the State of Arizona.